Specialists Catching Up

Study on the Consultancy Market


Expertise, industry knowledge, innovation – there are a number of reasons for small specialized consulting companies to at least keep up with the giants in the industry. That's the result of the study 'Hidden Champions of the Consulting Market' by Dietmar Fink from the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg and the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung (WGMB – Academic Society for Management and Consulting). For the fourth study since 2003, a total of 481 executives from German companies were interviewed about the consultancy which, for them, had proved to provide the best experience in collaboration. A total of 13 consultancies have thus been included in the group of Hidden Champions, some of which already had left behind a few of the big names. Thus, Kerkhoff Consulting was voted first place in the category of purchasing consultancies. Things are quite similar for the consultancy Homburg & Partner oriented towards marketing and sales. Cepton is the winner in the pharmaceuticals industry area; and The Advisory House made the top score in the energy industry. The big winner according to the study is Stratley – a company specialized in the area of chemicals groups. OC&C Strategy Consultants ranks number one in the area of strategy development, thus becoming the most important new upstart – after all, this area is considered the most important discipline of the industry.