Kerkhoff Cost Engineering: Cost Analysis

Synergy Potential for Purchasing and the Supply Chain


Since its establishment, Kerkhoff Cost Engineering GmbH – the consultancy specializing in cost and value analysis – has been closely collaborating with Kerkhoff Software GmbH. Within the Kerkhoff Group, this company provides tools specifically developed for cost analysis as well as software products and sees itself as a service provider, as a creative force, and as a source of products.

The consulting services provided by consultants of Kerkhoff Cost Engineering are mostly implemented with the technologies and software solutions elaborated by Kerkhoff Software. Tools are available for product cost calculation and analysis, for indexed price development and for access to worldwide benchmark data. This enables, for example, a precise calculation of product prices and the identification of cost drivers. Basis of the software are comprehensive benchmark data from all regions of the world which are compiled in one database. Tools and data are in daily use by engineers as well as consultants and can thus be validated, expanded and optimized.