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Passion for efficiency and cost optimisation

The Kerkhoff Group consists of six specialised companies that offer their customers outstanding solutions for efficiency and cost optimisation (Kerkhoff Consulting, Kerkhoff Cost Engineering, Kerkhoff SoftwareKerkhoff Interim, Kerkhoff Voice & Data and Kerkhoff Negotiate & Contract). In their consulting work, all members of the Group are characterized by their entrepreneurial, transparent activities and their strictly consistent orientation towards increasing the sustained corporate success for each individual client.

In order to also secure synergies and efficiency for ourselves as a corporate group, the companies' operational functions and processes are centralized in the Kerkhoff Group – for example, in human resources, purchasing, sales, marketing, corporate communications and finances. 

Management consultants for purchasing and procurement management, lean management and supply chain management

Engineering consultants for value engineering and cost calculation for products and services

Software provider for applications in the cost calculation of prices for products, parts and processes

Personnel consultants for temporarily and permanent filling specialist and management positions

Consultants for mobile optimization and system consulting in the field of telecommunication and data lines

Professionalization and performance improvement in indirect purchasing

We are independent and thus objective; our work is transparent, cooperative and reliable.

This maxim has been summarized in our code of conduct which is equally obligatory for all our companies.


Reliable – we want to remain outstanding

We want to exclusively provide outstanding services. Accordingly, we are specialized with services in the consulting segment of purchasing and procurement. The awards we obtained motivate us to meet again the resulting high standards in every single project. We therefore accept only select project orders. These are projects where we are convinced that we can generate significant corporate value added. We are among the best in our segment, and it should stay that way. We do not strive to become the largest; instead, we are solely committed to quality and to the clients’ benefit.




Transparent – we are working plausibly and understandably

We demand from us transparency and understandability not only in terms of project contents and project progress but also in terms of analyses and calculations. We disclose to our clients all data, analyses and calculations which we prepare or establish within the scope of our collaboration. Moreover, we hand over to our clients the project data for their own further utilization. These data are used both for understandability and templates. Activities in the project are made transparent by means of reporting standards in the form of records or logs, weekly reports and meeting memos.


Cooperative – we are working on a par

It is our role and identity to collaborate on a par. We define "on par" via the respect for any task and the esteem of every responsible officer. Reciprocal learning is a key principle in the project: As consultants, we are dependent upon internal corporate know-how – professional and organizational knowledge – to realize a successful project jointly with our client. Trust and constructive collaboration are accordingly the working foundation and basis of understanding – not only within the joint project team.

Implementation-oriented – we reach our goals jointly

Our work does not end with analyses and strategy recommendations but only once the project contents have been successfully realized jointly with our clients. We lend a hand and we will help where we are needed. Success is the result of joint efforts. Setbacks and the readiness for constructive conflicts are all part of successful projects. This understanding is a motivation for maximum performance, it takes into account all special characteristics and brings about the best project results.



Independent – we evaluate objectively

Our business model is based, without exception, on the remuneration by our clients to whom we are exclusively committed and obligated. We evaluate objectively. Thus, we will not be guided in our work by performance-oriented compensation models; we do not obtain any commissions from suppliers and we also do not systematically work together with individual suppliers.





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Kerkhoff Group GmbH
Elisabethstraße 5
40217 Düsseldorf

Six companies are here bound by their passion for efficiency and cost optimisation

Gerd Kerkhoff

Managing Director
Kerkhoff Group

Heinz Scheve

Managing Director
Kerkhoff Group

Consulting on the topics of Supply Chain Management, Procurement Management and Lean Management

Dirk Schäfer

Managing Director
Kerkhoff Consulting

Production cost calculation of products and services

Jochen Wilms

Managing Director
Kerkhoff Cost Engineering

Professionalization and performance improvement in indirect purchasing

Dr. Jan Herrmann

Managing Director
Kerkhoff Negotiate and Contract

Software provider for the cost calculation of product, parts and process prices

Godo Lange-Hilmers

Managing Director
Kerkhoff Software

Personnel consultants for temporarily and permanent filling specialist and management positions

Yurda Burghardt

Managing Director
Kerkhoff Experts

Mobile optimization and system consulting in the field of telecommunication and data lines

Godo Hanisch

Managing Director
Voice and Data

Advisory Board

Dr. Thomas Ludwig

Stefanie Kerkhoff

Andreas Schmitz

Contact HR, Finance, Communications, Services and Compliance

Personnel and Application

Kathleen Buddenkotte

Head of HR

Kerkhoff Group GmbH
Elisabethstraße 5
40217 Düsseldorf


Werner Reistel

Head of finance

Kerkhoff Group GmbH
Elisabethstraße 5
40217 Düsseldorf

Services & Communications

Sascha Koch

Head of Services & Communications

Kerkhoff Group GmbH
Elisabethstraße 5
40217 Düsseldorf

Communications & Marketing Austria

Erika Stefan

Marketing Communications Manager

Kerkhoff Consulting GmbH
Wallnerstraße 3
1010 Wien

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